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Meet our Family

Welcome to All Recipes! We’re a family-run organization based in beautiful Bulgaria, brought together by a shared love for food and a desire to strengthen our family bonds.

Our mission is twofold. Firstly, we aim to leave a trace in the world of cooking by inspiring others to recreate our mouthwatering recipes. Secondly, our shared venture serves as a platform to unify our family, providing us with a common purpose and potentially transforming this humble website into a successful business venture.

At All Recipes, we hold in high regard three core values: Respect for Food, Respect for People, and Respect for Family. These principles guide us in our day-to-day operations and form the cornerstone of our organization.


As the creator of All Recipes, Nesh is a webmaster by profession and a cooking enthusiast by passion. He manages the website, works on SEO, and crafts visually appealing posts. Nesh’s innovative spirit encourages him to constantly experiment and create.


Our Mom and the main advisor, Julia, is the cornerstone of our family. Her expertise in running a successful restaurant in the past has made her our go-to person for all things cooking.


Nesh’s sister, Elionora, is our vegetarian dishes expert. A hairdresser by profession, she brings her creativity to the kitchen, crafting delicious veggie recipes.


Nesh’s brother, Evgeni, serves as our food tester. His insatiable appetite and love for food, especially Korean cuisine, make him the perfect fit for the role.


Our eldest nephew, Vasil, is a telecommunications engineer by day and a culinary experimentalist by night. He contributes his inventive recipes to our collection, always surprising us with his innovative flavor combinations.


At just 16 years old, Christian, Nesh’s nephew, is already making waves in our organization. As a national bodybuilding champion, he carries out research duties, proving that no role is too big for the young at heart.

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